IRA Contribution Limits in 2013

The maximum limits you can contribute to your IRA account in 2013 are as follow: 2013 IRA Contribution Limits Roth IRA: $5,500/($6,500 if over 50 years of age) Traditional IRA: $5,500/($6,500 if over 50 years of age) SEP IRA: $51,000 SIMPLE IRA: $12,000 Coverdell ESA: $2000 HSA: $3,250/$6,450 401(k): $17,500

Note Brokering

If you are thinking about investing in mortgages or other notes, brokering them for a living or to supplement your income, the Paper Source University is an ideal opportunity for you.  It has hours of video, audio and vast areas of written articles on every aspect of notes and note brokering. To get started you …

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