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 Real Estate Investing!
No Tenants - No Toilets - No Trash - No HOA - No Mortgage.
Dear Reader,
I was just dozing off to dreamland one winter night when my cell phone rang. It was yet again one of my tenants calling with an emergency. There was the smell of gas in the house. What should she do?
I’m compelled to share my story of tenants and toilet and threats that, as a real estate investor, I have experienced. Perhaps you want to become a real estate investor, perhaps you are looking to get out of real estate investing and have experienced stories such as mine.
Looking to have “passive income,” I began buying and holding houses all across the United States. Little did I know what lurked in the future that made me being a landlord a nightmarish occupation.
I bought houses in relatively nice working class neighborhoods. Some homes were just a few years old so I felt secure in having a house that would have little to no maintenance. Well...tenants are not “little to no maintenance!”
Do you know the legal ramifications of renting a home to someone who likes to partake in a little marijuana? I quickly found out that you deal with local, state, and federal agencies, not to mention the neighbors who deem your house undesirable.
Also, by some weird coincidence I had 2, (yes 2!) tenants die within 1 year of each other in the same house!
By looking into how I could escape the situation I had put myself in, but continue to get income, I found mortgage/trust deed note investing.
Everyone thought I was crazy to give up my houses, but when I showed them my returns from notes, they were the ones who went crazy!
Leave the tenants behind!
These are the headaches of Real Estate Investing:
  • Late night calls
  • Repairs
  • HOA fees
  • Slip and Fall claims
  • Costly renovations
  • Finding new tenants
  • Hiring a property manager
  • Property taxes and insurance costs
  • Government seizure of your house (for tenant drug dealing)
  • Other liability exposures
Benefits of owning notes!
  • Sleep through the night -- nobody calls the note owner for repairs
  • A note doesn’t get clogged at 3 a.m.
  • A note can’t sue you
  • No tenants
  • No property maintenace
  • Regular monthly cash flow
  • Double digit yield
  • Can be bought at a discount
  • Are secured investments
  • Can be bought with self-directed IRA tax-free
  • No liability
  • No dealing with pest infestations
  • No HVAC, roof, etc. repairs/replacement
  • You aren't liable for code violations
  • Highly liquid -- you can sell a note much faster than a property
  • You can restructure notes for even higher yields
FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions
What Are Notes?
Notes — also known as promissory notes, trust deed or mortgage investments, paper, etc. — are the legal promise one agrees to pay the bearer. They can be on just about any type of property. The note will usually have the terms of the repayments, principal amount, an interest rate and a maturity date. By investing in notes, I no longer have to worry about my property or the tenants!
How Can You Learn More About Notes?
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