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5 Things A Successful Note buyer Must Have

Money First you must invest money in your business. The good thing about our industry is that you can truly start without laying out huge sums, unlike, for example, a franchise. However, unless you devote a substantial amount of money to marketing your note business, you simply will not break into the ranks of the

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Zillow sued over ‘Zestimate' by Glenview homeowner – Residential News – Crain's Chicago Business

Glenview homeowner sues Zillow over ‘sloppy' estimate UPDATED A Glenview lawyer sued Zillow, alleging that the real estate site's relatively modest estimate of her home's value has created a “roadblock” to selling at what she thinks it's worth. Zillow's estimate, known by the trade name “Zestimate,” is “effectively a sloppy computer-driven appraisal” of the value

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21 Free Google Tools for Real Estate & Note Investors

Google Docs for your Note & Real Estate business paperwork Google Sheets to Analyze your note and real estate deals Google Slides – For presentations to homeowners or investors Google Forms – To capture leads on your website Google Keep – To Keep you Organized Google Drive – To Store all your documents Google Voice

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