Note Investing FAQ

FAQ – How Do You Convince Note Owners To Take A Discount?

FAQ – How would you broker this note?

FAQ – Who Buys Cash Flow Notes?

FAQ – How can you make money with notes?

FAQ – What about private investors?

FAQ – What about all those investors on the Internet?

FAQ- What is a cash flow note?

FAQ – Why are notes discounted?

FAQ – What’s the truth about the infomercials?

FAQ – What makes a good cash flow note?

FAQ – How do I find notes?

FAQ – Where do I get the contracts & forms?

FAQ – What are the questions noteholders ask?

FAQ – Can you get a credit report without permission of the creditor?

FAQ – Should You Broker Lotteries and Structured Settlements?

FAQ – Help! I’ve been ripped off!

FAQ – Can you make a living as a cash flow note broker?

FAQ Should you be a full-time or part-time cash flow note broker?

FAQ – Who are you guys & how do I know I can trust you?