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Self Directed IRA – Frequently Asked Questions

ASK QUINCY Long Check Out The Q and A Below: Question: “A friends’ mother (85 years old) is thinking about opening a ROTH IRA and investing in a note. What should we be aware of?” Quincy’s answer: Other than the standard due diligence on any...

The Truth About Self-Directed IRAs and Other Accounts

There is a lot of confusion over self-directed IRAs and what is and is not possible.  In this article we will disprove some of the more common self-directed IRA myths. Myth #1 – Purchasing anything other than CDs, stocks, mutual funds or annuities is illegal in an...

Top Ten Mistakes I See People Make With Their Self-Directed IRAs

1) Not understanding the “self-directed” part of self-directed IRAs. Unlike more traditional brokerage style IRAs, self-directed IRAs do not come with any tax, legal or investment advice, nor do self-directed custodians and third party administrators offer or endorse...

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